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Where tech aligns with the priorities of people who know our destiny is about more than sitting back and letting technology happen to us. We firmly believe in securing our digital sovereignty in a way that keeps life free, fruitful, and fully human.

Unfortunately, when you look around, you see the opposite: more centralization, greater alienation, more profound degradation, and obsessive cancellation. In most of our lives, tech is now primarily used to onboard us into a cyber enclosure where our hard-won form of government doesn’t apply. This top-down system is designed to forcibly remake the globe in its image, no matter the cost.

The worst is yet to come without a renaissance of competence, conviction, and trust. Our human identity is at stake. And that’s why what we publish at RETURN is part of a larger project, building the community and constituency we need to reclaim our digital destiny.

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Katherine Dee 

@default_friend of Twitter.

Peter Gietl

Managing editor of RETURN.

Chris R. Morgan

I am a writer. I'll figure the rest out later.

Alex Perez

Cuban-American writer from Miami

Dr. Jonathan Askonas

Builder, Thinker, Dweller

Jon Stokes 

Web Editor at RETURN. Proprietor of jonstokes.com

James Poulos

Founder of RETURN. Editor of The American Mind. Author of Human Forever.

Indian Bronson

Shitposter, ideologue, working on https://www.keeper.dating/ ( @KeeperDatingApp on Twitter) with Jake Kozloski (@jakozloski)

Maya Sinha

My work has appeared in The Lamp, Dappled Things, Return, The Saturday Evening Post, and many other publications. My first novel is The City Mother (Chrism Press 2022).

Mary Harrington 

Mary Harrington is a contributing editor at UnHerd. She writes on Substack at Reactionary Feminist, and tweets as @moveincircles. Feminism Against Progress (Regnery, April 25) is her first book.

Alex Kaschuta 

Alex is a writer, cultural critic, and podcaster from Romania.