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Thank you for documenting the FERC commissioner's testimony to Congress.

A structural issue with how electricity is handled at the grid level is because electricity supply at the grid level is controlled pretty much exclusively via supply control. Grids and utilities have minimal demand control.

I have been working on a method by which this can change: bringing back a technology which converts electricity to a major component of nitrogen fertilizers. I believe this type of manufacturing - call it dispatchable demand - can be one tool to enable more stable alternative energy production of electricity, but it isn't clear to me how extensible this paradigm is outside of a handful of applications.

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Who's paying for the focus on nuclear energy? Why not solarize houses and businesses? Imagine parking at the far end of the lot to get your steps in for the day, coming out of the store in a downpour, but getting your purchases into the car completely dry because the parking lot's roofed in solar collectors. As a side benefit, if the grid's attacked, the mall would be energy-independent! Shouldn't that be the companies' first priority?

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