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Hear, hear. Thank you for the concise, informative article.

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Sodium-ion seems poised to replace lithium-ion batteries, but the tech was of course developed by Chinese battery giant CATL. Copper and other minerals will still be necessary for other components in consumer technology as well.

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“It certainly would be better for the climate if we switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles”

This would appear to me to be a fallacious statement for the following reasons:

1. The environmental consequences of mining rare earth minerals, as excellently detailed in your article.

2. The disposal and management of huge numbers of spent batteries, if we transitioned to full-scale EVs.

3. Rare earth minerals are not a “renewable energy source”. They are finite, just like oil and natural gas, and will require ever more aggressive mining techniques as they are utilized in more and more products.

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Let's all be quite clear about this point: Private home and business owners would *like* to be collecting solar energy to power rechargeable batteries, greatly reducing the amount of lithium and cobalt mining necessary. But the companies don't want to switch over from sending us monthly bills to sending us monthly checks...which those who've invested in enough solar collector cells are already collecting, under Virginia law. The tech works but the companies aren't confident that investing in their own communities will allow them to make as much profit from exporting energy to the cities as they've been making off us!

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