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Mar 15, 2023

We’re where tech aligns: with the priorities of Americans who know our destiny is about more than sitting back and letting technology happen to us.

We firmly believe America’s shared challenge is to secure our digital sovereignty in a way that keeps life free, fruitful, and fully human. Whether you’re in the Valley or off the grid, in the Swamp or in the suburbs, our coverage of the commerce and culture of tech is a well-targeted guide to the people, the events, and the opportunities you need to know to make choices that’ll bear fruit for you and your loved ones – now and for generations.

Not long ago most Americans were on this same page. It’s high time to get back on it. Over the past fifteen years, the folks in charge have tried something dramatically different. You know the drill: more centralization, greater alienation, deeper degradation, and obsessive cancellation. In most of our lives, tech is now largely used to onboard us into a cyber enclosure where our hard-won form of government just doesn’t apply. This system is designed to forcibly remake the globe in its image, no matter the cost.

Without an American renaissance of competence, conviction, and trust, the worst is yet to come. Our human identity is at stake. Failure here means all civilizations will suffer too. An America that turns markets and machines against our humanity imperils the future of free will and vitality as much as any tyranny. That’s why we need, and welcome, active allies worldwide, even where our respective civilizations rely on different answers to the ultimate questions tech raises about who we are and why.

And that’s why what we publish at RETURN is part of a larger project, building the community and constituency we need to reclaim our digital destiny. We’re here to actively help you build the enterprises and institutions that will put American innovation and ingenuity back in alignment with our American identity. As a RETURN member, you gain access to our biannual print publication, special perks and products, and our proprietary talent and investment pipelines. If you like the sound of that, we invite you to join now.

Onward! And many happy returns,

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