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It’s all so surreal. At one point it’s clear the force isn’t in the middle, but lies somewhere out the shanks of the political horseshoe. Until, it seems, the two shanks actually touched, nullifying each and allowing a circular reference to exist, spinning faster and faster out of reach.

At one point, I’m canvassing for Bernie in LA with Shawn King and elements of Black Lives Matter. We agree Biden is part of the problem; oh, and Kamala Harris, the BLM participants had nothing but contempt for her and the truancy campaign she spent resources pursuing rather than jailing bankers culpable from 2008 transgressions. The next thing I know is climbing the steps to the LA Convention Center, having just left Tulsi Gabbard’s event in downtown LA, with a mask on b/c a new virus was threatening the Bernie rally just before the CA primary.

Next…Poof! Bernie’s out, Joe’s the man, Kamala is his Veep and my Discord group, who worked so hard for Bern, spins out amidst dissension over joining the Democratic Socialists, the Justice Socialists or whether to just become a form of mutual aid Marxist! Huh? What the F just happened?

Conspiracy theory? It’s hard not to align with the other shank of the horseshoe when witnessing a wholesale bogus election from primary to inauguration that shares the plot of Naomi Klein’s book Shock Doctrine - except in reverse. A McKinsey-esque plan with such detailed execution it wipes the populist aspirants away from Hong Kong to Lubbock!

RIP Michael Hastings! I wish I would’ve taken time to see the importance of his demise, our demise. It had something to do with those two shanks touching. I know which I belong to now, for that, I’m blessed!

Nice piece!

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Michael Hastings was murdered and his death was not well covered considering the level of scandal. But why wait 10 years to speak out? And why remain silent still about the last people he spoke with, and his last words spoken? I'm not sure how the dissident left was obliterated but I lived through it also--I was with you at the law school I selected on account of its reputation as the most liberal (by 90s standards) choice in the country.

I formed that liberal political identity in the 90s because, as you put it, "if you wanted to hear from people mad about malevolent government, angry about corporate corruption, wary of the globalization agenda, and fired up about protecting the little guy" you were on the left. It's taken me the past six or seven years to fully come to terms with the fact that the left that I knew is gone almost completely. My admiration of Greenwald (the only man I know who's right more than 90 percent of the time) has remained the same for well over a decade but that makes me a right winger now. Everything is topsy-turvy.

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I know this story, but only by hearsay. It was never extensively covered, but his Mercedes was reportedly traveling at 150 mph down Highland when it crashed into that palm tree. The engine was ripped from its motor mounts and hurled another 75 feet. Was he working on a book about Patraeus? Can the CIA hack into any drive-by-wire vehicle? And in another mysterious case, why did Andrew Breitbart suddenly "collapse" on the way home from having a drink with a friend? I can tell you first-hand that he was a young, healthy guy. In both cases, the families said "case closed" very quickly. Makes you wonder.

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